Captain Sonar

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The year is 2048. You are part of a team of elite officers in command of a state-of-the-art submarine. The hunt has begun. Your mission is simple: seek and destroy the enemy submarine. To beat the enemy, you must cooperate with your teammates. Only the team who best communicates and works together will survive the encounter...

Keys to success:

  • Synchronize: Alone, you will achieve nothing. Each officer on the team fills an essential role. Talking is important, but so is listening carefully and coordinating your actions.
  • Organize: If you do not plan your moves, you will not catch the enemy. Each decision must be deliberate.
  • Navigate: You must not only find the enemy's submarine; you must also not get caught yourself. Only precise navigation will put you in a position to win this battle.
  • Attack: Take no man alive! Even though the mission requires stealth, do not hesitate to fire your weapons when the perfect opportunity presents itself?
  • Repair: Your sub will take fire and most likely sustain damage. You must try to remain calm and get your sub back up and running quickly!
Players: 2-8
Time: 45 minutes
Age: 14+
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