About Heretic Games

Located centrally on the Peninsula in downtown San Bruno, Heretic Games was founded in 2014 by its three co-owners Scott, Sonya, and David. Long time table top gamers and hobbyists themselves, they were inspired to open their own store after working for a time at other game stores in the Bay Area. Heretic Games carries a variety different board games, miniatures games, card games, RPGs, accessories, and hobby supplies, but mainly focuses on grand trinity of table top gaming: Warhammer, RPGs (D&D/Pathfinder), and Magic.

Most of the store's space is given over to tables for gaming, including large custom oak tables perfect for games like Warhammer, Infinity, X-Wing, etc. We also strive to carry an excellent selection of acrylic paints and their associated supplies for miniatures painting as Scott and David are both veteran hobbyists, and love to provide insight on building and painting the many miniatures available at the store.

The store strives to provide a safe and friendly environment for play, and its three owners believe firmly that the key to a successful game store is to build a community of players and customers as dedicated to the success of the games they love as we are.