Apocrypha: Box 2 - The Flesh

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Rotting creatures pouring out from an oil well. Faeries on motorcycles and carnival rides. Flying drones marshalled by a monster mad of clay and wires. Flesh-eating bacteria worming their way into your nervous system. Just another day on the edge of the apocalypse.

The Flesh is an expansion for the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game that can be played as a co-op card game for 1-6 players or a full roleplaying game with one player acting as a guide. It requires The World base set to play.

Four chapters feature cards that detail memories written by legendary authors. This box contains:

  • The Book of the Deathless, in which an oil town in frozen Alberta is invaded by the risen dead, with memories by Bruce R. Cordell.
  • The Book of the Fae, in which he faeries and bikers of the Wild Hunt roar across the American Midwest, with memories by Jerry Holkins.
  • The Book of the Golems, in which the tech hub of Seattle is overrun with drones and robots, with memories by Teeuwynn Woodruff.
  • The Book of the Physicians, in which the easter seaboard is the test market for virulent designer diseases, with memories by Kris Straub.
Players: 1-6
Age: 14+
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