Throne of Eldraine Prerelease

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Fairy Tales & High Fantasy

The next set for Magic: the Gatherin is coming, so registration for the Prerelease is open! Throne of Eldraine is a set of romantic high fantasy and fairy tales, with beautiful new art and flavor driven top-down development. Your first opportunity to play with this unique new set will be the Prerelease, here at Heretic Games.



We are hosting 4 Prerelease events over the course of the weekend. They are as follows:


  • Friday, September 17th @ 6 PM
  • Saturday, September 28th @ 10 AM
  • Saturday, September 28th @ 3 PM


Two Headed Giant
  • Sunday, September 29th @ 2 PM



To register for one of our events, simply choose your preferred time slot and then add this item to your cart. Once your order is confirmed you will be considered to be registered for the event. Space in each event is limited, and registration is on a first come first serve basis. If you don't register ahead of time, the price to join the event on the day of is $30 per player.


Two Headed Giant

The Sunday September 29th event is a Sealed Two Headed Giant event. This means it is a 2 vs 2 format. For this reason, registration is $52, since this pays for a team of two people. If you wish to register by yourself, please call (650) 204-0554, since special arrangements will need to be made. We cannot guarantee we will be able to find you a partner. Most participants register as a team of two.


DCI Number

This is a sanctioned Magic event and so a DCI number is required for every participant. Please enter your DCI number in the field provided above. If you don't know your DCI or don't have one yet, you can recover or make one at

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